Project: Automation and SCADA System for Water Treatment Plant

Industry: Water & Waste Water

Customer: Water Companies

Vision560™, Vision1040™ + 300 I/O
Automation and SCADA System for Water Treatment Plant

Project: Automation and SCADA System for Water Treatment Plant

PLC: Vision560™, Vision1040™ + 300 I/O

Application: The automation system permits the ability to real time monitor the process and complete control of the Water Treatment Plant. All the field equipment is connected to the PLCs: pressure, temperature and flow transducers, the power controller and the control valves. The software application from the PLC has PID loops and permits to exchange the values of the parameters with other devices from the automation system. The PLC is connected and communicates with the Citect SCADA system via UNI OPC Server.

Vision570™ & Vision350™ Cut Costs and Provide Flexibility

A & B Packaging retrofitted their packaging & cleaning equipment from pre-programmed PLC boards to the Vision570™ & Vision350™
Unitronics allows more flexibility to react to their customer’s overall needs- versus giving them a canned package.
Their biggest advantage with the Unitronics PLC is the lower overall cost.

You Tube link  New box filler using Unitronics V570

A&B Packaging of Lawrence, MI, USA
specializes in fresh packing and
cleaning equipment for fruits and
vegetables worldwide.
THEIR PROBLEM? They had been
using custom, pre-programmed PLC
boards to control their packaging
and cleaning equipment that had
quickly become out of date. They
were facing upgrading and reprogramming
costs of over $85,000
on top of additional costs per-board.
Ultimately, they were unable to
change the program on their own,
which forced them to add an outside
THE SOLUTION? Unitronics’ V570
and V350 PLCs with onboard HMIs
were brought in to give A&B
Packaging more flexibility to react
to their customer’s unique needs;
versus giving them a canned
package. “Our biggest advantage
with the Unitronics PLC is the lower
overall cost.” Said Allen Roggow,
Field Tech Supervisor for A&B
Packaging. “These units also gave
us the ability to customize software
and gave us the benefit of having
one database to put together the
HMI screens.”
Most of the units A&B Packaging is
using are the V570’s due to the size
of the screens (5.7”) and the
restrictions on their panel size. They
are utilizing the V350 models for
their smaller machinery.
“As with any new software, there is
a learning curve that has to be dealt
with. Once it became clear how to
use the software, it became easier
and easier to use.” Says Roggow.
“The training seminars that
Unitronics put on were also a great
help, as was our local distributor,
J.P. Motors & Drives.”
To learn more about Unitronics V350 & V570 models.


PLC+HMI all in ONE

Save time and money with this all in ONE PLC+HMI
Save time and money with this all in ONE PLC+HMI

Cost Savings Having a combination PLC+HMI has many advantages over the traditional control. You can use the FREE programming software and FREE programming cable to get things started straight out of the box or download the software in advance and start planning and developing your project. You only have to programme a Unitronics OPLC once, as the controller is an integrated PLC+HMI giving you a further cost saving as you are now saving project time, plus free support (no maintenance contracts).

There are three ways of connecting the inputs and outputs (I/O) all very cost effective and any method can be used independently OR all three methods can be used to give optimum distributed control.
On board IO is the lowest cost option by having all the wiring on the back of the PLC+HMI PLC+HMI all in ONEusing one of several snap in cards or on smaller units selecting the type of display and then your type of inputs and   outputs. This is not only a low cost solution but it also makes the most use of  the available space.
DIN railmounting allows you to either expand your I/O count or to more conveniently mount your I/O on DIN rail up to 20 meters away from the PLC+HMI using the dedicated I/O expansion port and Unitronics own wide range of cost effective I/O modules allows for an easy way to expand your control.

Unitronics own remote IO blocks, analogue and digital options
Unitronics own remote IO blocks, analogue and digital options

Lastly Remote IO can be achieved using the easily configurable CANbus option (included “free of charge” on all 5.7”, 10.4” and 12.1” models) which allows you to link several
Unitronics CANbus networked IO and controllerscontrollers together or a single controller to remote I/O islands again using   Unitronics own wide range of modules. It’s fast and easy to use with Unitronics own UNIcan    version being used over the CANbus network taking the strain out of               configuration. Plus most controllers have MODbus built in and Profibus options as well as Ethernet, all easy to configure with simple function blocks.
The Unitronics range accepts a wide range of inputs from Thermocouples, PT100, load cell / strain gauge and standard analogue inputs and using the built in PID control it can easily become your complete machine controller. The flexibility of having PLC+HMI in ONE allows for the removal of several standalone devices with a single cost      effective controller with its free                 programming software and several utility              programmes giving you easy remote access and complete control of your equipment.
i4 Automation and Unitronics are so confident that once you have tried their range you will be hooked that they are running training courses for just £50 per day. With the objective of getting you up and running with hands on programming so you will quickly see the benefits for yourself. The booking fee will then be refunded with your first order and you will be offered a 35% discount (Terms & Conditions apply). Last time this
training was run it was very quickly booked up and hence we suggest booking early. Sounds too good to be true? Please contact us for more information and make the most of our combination PLC+HMI and the terrific training deals while you still can. Do not forget the support and the software are FREE and full working copies of the software can be downloaded from our website.
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i4 Automation review of 2011

In this Newsletter we have a review of what’s been new in 2011 as we have had so many new and exciting products added we thought many were worth another mention.

Unitronics:- IO-AI8
Low cost Analogue expansion
Analogue Inputs at a Lower Price!    With close similarities to the current IO-ATC8 module, the NEW IO-AI8 now offers 8 Analogue inputs without the thermocouple capabilities. Now, if your requirements do not call for thermocouple capabilities, you can add solitary analogue I/O at a lower cost!
Unitronics:- V570-57-T20B-J
Same as the standard 5.7" without the silver bezel.
5.7″ Full Colour PLC with integrated PLC
• It is rated IP66
• It has a fully flat fascia
This is especially beneficial to industries, where customers need to be able to spray & wipe down the panel.

Westermo 5 way un-managed swith
Westermo Data Communications Westermo products have always meant quality, which is normally reflected in the price but that’s not always the case.
SDI-550  i-Line Unmanaged Switch
5 x 10/100 Base TX
£65.00 IN STOCK
Unitronics:- Profibus Capabilities
Now with Profibus
V100-17-PB1:   Via an easy to use function block, the enhanced Vision350™ & Vision130™ controllers installed with the new communication card can function in a PROFIBUS DP network as slave devices via GSD files. This enables the controllers to be integrated into applications that have a PROFIBUS network, under PROFIBUS master devices.
Unitronics:- High-Speed, PTO
These new, high-speed “TR” models (Listed below) can handle inputs up to 200kHz while high-speed outputs are able to support 5Hz to 200kHz. They enable the user to implement up to 2 independent Pulse Train Output instruction sets at one time for accurate Step-motor control. Providing flexibility when configuring a system’s precise requirements, these new high-speed I/Os offer particular benefits wherever speed control is required. *V350-35-TR20, V350-35-TR6, V130-33-TR20, V130-33-TR6*
PULS:- Redundant Power Supplies
Why Redundancy?
• Protects against system failures
• Saves money over the life time of a system
• Reduces call out engineer costs
• Removes emergency call outs
• Zero down time
• Longer life
• Peace of mind for customers
Unitronics:- V200-18-E62B
 More I/O Than Ever! Snap-in I/O module are equipped with 62 I/O! Being equipped with more I/O allows this snap-in module to help cut costs by taking the place of expansion modules and adapters allowing for a large number of I/O in a very small foot print at very low cost.
Unitronics:- V1210 & V1040
12.1″ & 10.4″ Full Colour Touch Screen PLC and HMI more excellent value for money with the programming software and cables with every product.
Programme it ONCE!
Unitronics:- V200-18-E46B
In addition to its variety of I/O capabilities, the latest feature this module has to offer is its ability to support 9 analogue inputs.
That’s a low cost way of getting many analogue inputs into a PLC and HMI saving you space and money.
SensoPart:- V 10
V 10 Object detection
New Vision Sensor product family
• Detects the right part in the wrong place – and vice-versa
• Five detectors plus position detection
• Image processing made easy

How easy it is to connect our range of PLC and integrated HMI’s to 3rd party intelligent sensors or nearly any other device’s via RS232 / RS485.

Following on from the recent exhibitions and interest that has been expressed in communication options. We thought it would be a worthwhile exercise to emphasise how easy it is to connect our range of PLC and integrated HMI’s to 3rd party intelligent sensors or nearly any other device’s via RS232 / RS485.

Unitronics engineers have worked hard to reduce the pain involved in serial communications by producing a function block that allows you to configure a message using a comprehensive set of pre-defined conversion and calculation tools.  The net result is a neat little box in the middle of your program that sends out a question and returns the answer to a place of your choice.

Plus the added value of free programming software
Integrated PLC & HMI
Choice of communication protocols, Modbus, Profibus, Ethernet, CANbus, UniCAN, DF1…
Demonstration stock to prove your application
Great technical support

For more information take a look at our website

Exhibition Videos NOW on YouTube

Ok they are not very exciting and yes they are a little dark BUT we thought they would give you an idea of how we looked on the road. The range of products and all the good things about working with i4 Automation.

i4 Automation exhibiting Unitronics, Westermo, i4 Automation display Unitronics, Westermo, SensoPart and PULS at the September Sensors + Systems Exhibition in Farnborough.

i4 Automation at the NEC, short video of our exhibition stand Unitronics \”PLC & HMI\” OPLC Sensopart Westermo PULS \”Industrial Automation\” …

Don’t forget to contact us for some special offers that we have factory supported pricing to share with you.

Unitronics Snap-In I/O Offers More Flexibility for Vision Series Integrated PLC+HMIs.

The convenience is clear: Unitronics PLC + HMI package exempts machine manufacturers from setting up Panel-PLC communication- saving programming time, cabinet space and money. This single Ladder Logic programming environment is part of the Unitronics “all-in-one package”, and is available at no additional cost.

V200-18-E62B with V1210-T20B from i4 Automation
PLC & HMI with easy to use snap in module

Unitronics Snap-in I/Os are a convenient, affordable way to “snap” your choice of a variety of I/O combinations directly to the back of most “Vision” series PLC + HMI controllers. Most “Vision” series controllers enable the user to pick and choose from an assortment of Snap-in I/O combinations to fit their specific application needs. A whole system’s requirements can be fulfilled with just one “Snap”! Connecting directly to the back of a Unitronics Vision200, Vision500, Vision1040 or Vision1210 series PLC+HMI, the new V200-18-E62B Snap-in module now supports a total combination of 62 analog and digital inputs and outputs. Specifically, this combination includes: 30 Digital inputs (including 2 shaft encoder inputs), 2 analog inputs, 28 digital outputs, and 2 high-speed digital outputs.

With additional expansion modules, mounted locally or remotely up to 1000m from the controller, configurations can be expandable up to 1024 I/O. Unitronics solitary Snap-in I/Os (without expansion units) typically range from 30 – (now) 62 I/O with the new V200-18-E62B. Basic Snap I/O options can include: digital and analog inputs and outputs, high-speed I/O, PT100/Thermocouple capabilities, and weight measurement.

Additional features of the “Enhanced Vision” series controllers (V1210, V1040, V570, V350, V560, V290 Color, and V130) include: A USB programming port, recipe capabilities, Micro SD card memory storage for data logging and back up, complete PLC cloning and more. Communication options include Ethernet, cellular, and industrial protocols such as MODBUS, DF1 slave, J1939, and CANopen, UniCan.


High density I/O as part of the PLC & HMI system

Now able to provide even more flexibility when configuring a system’s precise requirements, the new Snap-in module offers particular appeal wherever budget is a primary factor. Being equipped with many I/Os allows this snap-in module to help cut costs by taking the place of lower I/O count modules and adapters that may have otherwise been purchased.

FREE Programming software for the Unitronics range including support for the V1040-T20B

VisiLogic 9.0.1, OS 3.3.3
•    V1040 support
The new Big Vision—the V1040-T20B with a 10.4″ colour touch screen—is now supported in Hardware Configuration.
This is also the first Vision to offer a USB programming port.
•    65K colours (16-bit)
From VisiLogic 9 on, all images will be 65K colours (16-bit). However, images in older projects that are opened with this version will remain 256 colours (8-bit).
Note: older projects including many images, especially where images are switched rapidly to provide animation, may run at reduced speeds, and in certain cases may not function properly.

V1040-T20B Visilogic software 9.0.1
FREE Unitronics Visilogic Software from i4 Automation

•    UniVision Licensing
This new utility helps you to protect your intellectual property.
You can create a PLC license number and burn it into a secured, hidden sector in the PLC.
You can then use this license in your Ladder to control how your program functions.
•    New GSM/GPRS Modems We now support 2 more modems:
–    Cinterion MC55i
–    Sierra Wireless GL61000
•    PTO Functions
Simple Motion Control via software!
You can easily implement motor control via high-speed outputs of certain Vision 130/350 models, controlling up to three independent axes. In this way you can, for example, build speed profiles that are appropriate for stepper motors.
The utility can output pulses, pulse/direction or CW/CCW.
Note that the PTO control functions are open-loop, and do not rely on positional feedback.
Available PTO features depend upon specific Vision model.
•    HMI Editor
New view shows the Display screen and Jumps in separate screens, selectable via tabs at the top of the editing window.
Version Compatibility
Do not download a project built with versions lower than VisiLogic 9.xx, to a controller installed with the system files released with VisiLogic 9.xx (Boot V2.002 (xx), BinLib V1.010 (xx) and OS V3.003 (xx)) and up. This will result in version mismatch.
VisiLogic V9.xx is compatible with Boot V2.002 (xx), BinLib V1.010 (xx) and OS V3.003 (xx) and up.
•    Modems
Certain older modems are not supported in VisiLogic 9. If you wish to update a project containing modems to VisiLogic 9, check the COM Init function to see if your modem is supported. It is highly recommended to delete and redefine the COM Init function.

Note that the information in this document refers to Vision Divisions. These are:
•    Standard Vision: V120, V230, V260, V280, V290, and V530
•    Enhanced Vision: V1040, V570, V560, V290-C, V350, and V130

Visilogic FREE Programming Software ~ Updates

VisiLogic 8.6.3

This version includes Bug Fixes, but no added features.

For more information