Unitronics Investment In UK Market

Unitronics recently appointed Sean Donelan to its team with his focus being on supporting the UK distribution and customers. Sean (who is UK based) told us a little about himself.

Supporting Unitronics Distribution in the UK

My background education is in electronics, with the bulk of my working life as a hands on engineer, working mainly in the packaging, pharmaceutical and film conversion sectors. Spending many years commissioning and repairing machinery, programming PLCs, HMIs, drives and SCADA systems has given me the ability to see where Unitronics range of products fits in with many customer applications. I believe in listening to customers first, then advising them where I can, I absolutely detest high pressure sales techniques. My approach is, and always will be, to provide the customer with solutions to meet and exceed their requirements and expectations (an ideal fit with Unitronics).
I’m very excited to be joining Unitronics and assisting customers in getting the best solution possible with our market leading range of integrated PLC and HMI.

The 2016 Unitronics Roundup!

Here is a summary of Unitronics major developments in 2016, many of which were the results of user requests.

First, Hardware:

New Samba models

Samba now offers the TA22 configuration in 3.5″, 4.3″, and 7″ screen sizes.

· SM35/SM43/SM70 J-TA22 comprise 12 digital inputs, configurable as 1 hsc/shaft-encoder, 2 analog/digital, 2 thermocouple / pt100 inputs, and 8 pnp plus 2 analog outputs.

· SM70-J-RA22 offers a 7″ screen and the same inputs as the TA22; the outputs comprise 4 relay and 4 npn outputs.

New Jazz models

· JZ20-T20HS offers 6 digital, 2 analog/digital, 2 analog, 3 high-speed inputs, and 8 transistor, plus 5 high-speed outputs supporting PWM via hardware configuration.

· JZ20-R16HS offers the same inputs, plus 6 Relay Outputs.

UniStream additions

UniStream welcomed new I/O Modules:

· UIS-WCB2 Wide I/O comprises two temperature and 2 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, and 10 digital inputs, 10 digital pnp outputs including 2 high-speed outputs.

· Slim temp module UIS-4PTKN Comprising 4 RTD inputs that support PT1000/NI1000.

KNX connector

UniStream supports a KNX to MODBUS Gateway device, available as GW-KNX1.

Our Remote Operator mobile app for the Vision™ and Samba™ series, a major user request, was released in 2016—here are links for Apple and Android:



Here are some of the features we added to UniLogic in 2016:

User Access Control (UAC)

UAC enables you to require users to log in via the HMI application, and restrict access to HMI elements, including whether an element is visible or enabled.

SQL Connectivity

· Access SQL databases via IP address or Hostname

· Build SQL Queries and execute them via Ladder functions

· Connect Data Tables to SQL databases and transfer data

HMI Screen to Web Page

Click to convert existing HMI Screens to Web Pages.

Reusable HMI Custom Controls

Create your reusable HMI Custom Control, drag and drop it from the Solution Explorer, export/import it between projects, and add it to the Library.

Hardware Interrupt: UID-0808THS

A new Scenario, Measure Length, supported by the UID-0808THS module, allows you to implement length measurement via hardware-based interrupt.

HMI File Selector Browser

Enable your operator to select files from an SD/DOK/memory stick, store the Path and Name of the selected file in a Data Tag.

Video Streaming Widget: RSTP

Allows you to provide the RSTP url in the format required by your particular application and device.

HMI Indirect Images

Display indirect images hosted on the SD card or DOK.

HMI Trends: FIFO

Display a Trend as Standard or FIFO.

HMI email Configuration Widget

Your users can add recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of an e-mail via the HMI keyboard.

Web Server – new features

· Trends: view Trend graphs via web browser.

· mailto fields, and a new widget enable your users to add recipients in the To, Cc, and Bcc fields of an e-mail via the HMI keyboard.

· A new Web Data Tables Widget allows a user to view, edit, and enter data via web browser.

Print to pdf

The Tools tab on the UniLogic ribbon offers Print Project, enabling you to print your Hardware Configuration and Ladder Modules.

Data Tables

· New Functions: Convert .CSV to UDTF, UDTF Count counts number of columns and rows

· email .csv files as attachments.


You can now run Modbus via Serial COM Module/USB ports


· Explicit Messages support for both Scanner and Adapter in addition to I/O (Implicit) messaging.

· Scanner Node support doubled, from 16 to 32.

DNS Resolver

Ladder Function: resolves a server IP address from its host name.

Advanced Functions

New functions for counters, Immediate Reset + new Scenarios

Advanced Layout

Pin/unpin, undock and float pane options. If you use two monitors, float panes onto different monitor screens.

USB keyboard support

Just plug a keyboard into the UniStream USB port.

Alarms – Additions

· Language Localization for French, Russian, Polish, Finnish and Czech.

· Alarm History Widget

Jazz – High Speed

Two new Jazz units added to the range.

Jazz 2 Series PLC with 8 digital inputs, including 3 HSC/shaft encoders, 2 analogue inputs and 10 transistor outputs, including 3 high speed outputs




Jazz 2 Series PLC with 8 digital inputs, including 3 HSC/shaft encoders, 2 analogue inputs and 6 relay outputs

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New Products, Awards, Media Highlights, MVPs – The 2015 Roundup

2015 was a great year for Unitronics.

We introduced products to round out our existing lines: UniStream, Vision, and Samba. We also leveraged the UniStream platform with powerful new features such as EtherNet/IP communications and a full Alarms system.

Now, </drum roll/> please join me—for the Unitronics’ 2015 Roundup!

Our Industry Awards

For the fourth year in a row, Unitronics’ products have been honoured by Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice awards.
This year, in the category of Hardware – Integrated HMI controllers, the winner was our UniStream 15.6″ HMI panel – big and handsome, with an elegant LED touch-panel offering 1366 x 768 resolution and a 16M (24-bit) colour range.

Unitronics Product Launches these were released in 2015:

  • UniStream: our award-winning 15.6″ HMI panel –snap on up to 5 Uni-I/O modules, expand up to 2,048 I/Os, and employ the advanced feature profile to execute highly complex control.
  • We also released 3 Uni-I/O™ modules offering new thermocouple and analogue I/O options.
  • Samba 7″: with its on-board I/Os and a larger, 7” colour touch screen, Samba 7” is proving to be a popular choice for those small machine projects with a critical profit margin.
  • Vision700: this new member of our award-winning Vision “workhorse” series offers a 7” HMI colour touch screen. Supports all Vision Snap-in and expansion I/O modules, and all advanced power features.
  • A gateway for MBUS
  • GSM-KIT-17J-3G (Cinterion EHS6T GSM modem)

UniLogic for UniStream: New Development

The feedback from our users tells us that UniLogic is a hit. This year, R&D added a number of strong features. Here’s a sample:

  • C Editor, enabling you to write C functions directly in UniLogic
  • Alarms system, designed in accordance with ISA ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009 guidelines
  • EtherNet/IP, scanner and adapter, supporting both implicit/explicit messaging
  • Video Streaming via RTSP
  • SNMPv1/v2/v3
  • WebServer Gauges
  • Password protection for Ladder Functions, HMI screens, Data Tables and Recipes

Media Highlights for 2015

We are proud to continue to bring you Unitronics true All-in-One value: our complete range of automation products and software from the pioneers of the PLC + HMI controller, backed by Unitronics unparalleled sales and tech support.

Enjoy them in the coming year!

Cara Bereck Levy,