Making Motor Control Easy

The Jazz range of combination PLC and HMI has been found to be a useful tool in many pump control applications.
Having free programming software and a choice of hardware options allows configuration of the Jazz range to be flexible and ideal for many applications. With the addition of a Modbus port giving it easy connectivity to most inverter drives with minimum wiring. We have found it very popular for simple motor control.
SensoPart Sensors, Ultrasonic Level detection
New UMT30 Ultrasonic sensor with built in display

Built in display allows for quick and easy set up. With the choice of 10+ configuration options we are bound to have the cost effective solution your looking for.
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Checking for leaking water with the Jazz controller
UK company Watersavers is using the Jazz combined HMI and PLC from i4 Automation Ltd for their new WLDS series of water leak detection controls. These meet the need to monitor water useage and detect major leaks in buildings such as schools, offices and commercial premises. The Jazz HMI terminals satisfy a long list of requirements including powerful control functions, a 2 line by 16 character LCD display with numeric keypad, smart modern appearance combined with IP65 protection.
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Full Range of combination PLC & HMI
We also have a full range of combination PLC & HMI’s for many control applications.
With free programming software and a choice of wiring to the HMI or distributed on CanBUS we have many options to meet the different control requirments.
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PULS power supplies are the instruments of choice around the world in plant and equipment construction.PULS power supply units offer high levels of reliability and efficiency as they produce little heat; this enables them to give an above average service life.
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Exhibition Videos NOW on YouTube

Ok they are not very exciting and yes they are a little dark BUT we thought they would give you an idea of how we looked on the road. The range of products and all the good things about working with i4 Automation.

i4 Automation exhibiting Unitronics, Westermo, i4 Automation display Unitronics, Westermo, SensoPart and PULS at the September Sensors + Systems Exhibition in Farnborough.

i4 Automation at the NEC, short video of our exhibition stand Unitronics \”PLC & HMI\” OPLC Sensopart Westermo PULS \”Industrial Automation\” …

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