New high speed Jazz unit- JZ20-T40

New Jazz®2 Models Twice the Power ▪ 30x the Speed ▪ Same Low Price
New Jazz®2 Models
Twice the Power ▪ 30x the Speed ▪ Same Low Price

We are pleased to introduce additional new models to the Jazz®2 series: JZ20-T40. The Jazz®2 series is a game-changing model, it is thirty times faster, has twice the memory, and yet sells for the same low price as the JZ10 -11-T40.

In addition to all the core features, the JZ20-T40 come with the following enhancements:

More than 30 times faster performance

  • Double the memory size for Ladder code and OS
  • Built in mini-USB programming port
  • Future support for external Ethernet port, details will be announced at a later date

When Can I Get One?

The units are already available in stock.

What U90Ladder version is compatible with Jazz®2?

U90Ladder 6.6.4  and up.

What about my existing applications for JZ10-11-T40?

Jazz® 2 offers the same look, dimensions, wiring, and functional behavior!

Update your existing project to use Jazz® 2 in three steps:

  1. Open the application.
  2. Select the new model in Hardware Configuration.
  3. Save the application.

When will the JZ10-11-T40  expire?

We will accept purchase orders submitted before January 31st, 2015.

NEW Product Picture





This new version includes the new HMI widgets Video Player and .pdf Viewer, which enables your users to page through .pdf files on the UniStream HMI panel. Other features include attractive polished-looking gauges, handy Find & Replace tags support, and more.

Please see the attached for full details.NEW RELEASE UNILOGIC 1.7.62 UNISTREAM OS 1.7.11

Download the software