NEW! Class 1 Division 2 Ratings

        NEW! Class 1 Division 2 Ratings

Now, even more Unitronics units are suited for hazardous locations:

UL Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D

The newly rated products include:

The newly rated products.

To see a full list of all our Class 1 Division 2 rated products click HERE!

PLC+HMI all in ONE

Save time and money with this all in ONE PLC+HMI
Save time and money with this all in ONE PLC+HMI

Cost Savings Having a combination PLC+HMI has many advantages over the traditional control. You can use the FREE programming software and FREE programming cable to get things started straight out of the box or download the software in advance and start planning and developing your project. You only have to programme a Unitronics OPLC once, as the controller is an integrated PLC+HMI giving you a further cost saving as you are now saving project time, plus free support (no maintenance contracts).

There are three ways of connecting the inputs and outputs (I/O) all very cost effective and any method can be used independently OR all three methods can be used to give optimum distributed control.
On board IO is the lowest cost option by having all the wiring on the back of the PLC+HMI PLC+HMI all in ONEusing one of several snap in cards or on smaller units selecting the type of display and then your type of inputs and   outputs. This is not only a low cost solution but it also makes the most use of  the available space.
DIN railmounting allows you to either expand your I/O count or to more conveniently mount your I/O on DIN rail up to 20 meters away from the PLC+HMI using the dedicated I/O expansion port and Unitronics own wide range of cost effective I/O modules allows for an easy way to expand your control.

Unitronics own remote IO blocks, analogue and digital options
Unitronics own remote IO blocks, analogue and digital options

Lastly Remote IO can be achieved using the easily configurable CANbus option (included “free of charge” on all 5.7”, 10.4” and 12.1” models) which allows you to link several
Unitronics CANbus networked IO and controllerscontrollers together or a single controller to remote I/O islands again using   Unitronics own wide range of modules. It’s fast and easy to use with Unitronics own UNIcan    version being used over the CANbus network taking the strain out of               configuration. Plus most controllers have MODbus built in and Profibus options as well as Ethernet, all easy to configure with simple function blocks.
The Unitronics range accepts a wide range of inputs from Thermocouples, PT100, load cell / strain gauge and standard analogue inputs and using the built in PID control it can easily become your complete machine controller. The flexibility of having PLC+HMI in ONE allows for the removal of several standalone devices with a single cost      effective controller with its free                 programming software and several utility              programmes giving you easy remote access and complete control of your equipment.
i4 Automation and Unitronics are so confident that once you have tried their range you will be hooked that they are running training courses for just £50 per day. With the objective of getting you up and running with hands on programming so you will quickly see the benefits for yourself. The booking fee will then be refunded with your first order and you will be offered a 35% discount (Terms & Conditions apply). Last time this
training was run it was very quickly booked up and hence we suggest booking early. Sounds too good to be true? Please contact us for more information and make the most of our combination PLC+HMI and the terrific training deals while you still can. Do not forget the support and the software are FREE and full working copies of the software can be downloaded from our website.
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Free upgrade to Visilogics 9.4.0

A new version of Visilogics programming software can be downloaded from the Unitronics website by clicking here.  The following enhancements have been made as well as some bug fixes.

Faster Image Download – Only new images are downloaded with an application.

New, glossy Virtual Keyboards for V1040/V1210

Information Mode, Enhanced Vision only – The Software section now includes the VisiLogic application name, and the PC User Name of the computer on which the application was written.  You can view now up to 64 files from SD card [was up to 8]

String Libraries – These now offer the following enhancements:
– If strings that are exported to Excel are defined to certain fonts, those fonts are retained at export, and if the Excel file is imported to a different library, the font definitions are maintained.
– You can now select which String Library to display within the HMI editor in VisiLogic, including an option to display the longest text.

Edit multiple HMI static elements – If you select, for example, two rectangles, and right-click them, common editable properties such as foreground may be edited for both rectangles.

Export Display to .bmp – A new toolbar button in the HMI editor enables you to capture the current display.

Project Memory Map – Now also shows DLUs.

Introducing the EX-A2X

EX-A2X, Expansion Module AdapterMeet the new I/O Expansion Module Adapter, the EX-A2X. This new adaptor is based on the EX-A1, but offers important new features:

•             An isolated communication port

•             The adaptor may be placed up to 20 meters away from the controller

That’s local Inputs and Outputs up to 20 meters from the controller! Cool or what!

With FREE programming software and loads of FREE utility programmes from remote access to OPC driver. All FREE. Now that’s good value for money in the current climate.