PPMA 2017

We would just like to say a big thank you to everybody who took the time to visit us at the recent PPMA show.

At quick look at this years stand, showing the Unitronics range of controllers.
At quick look at this years stand, showing the Unitronics range of controllers.
At quick look at this years stand, showing the Unitronics range of controllers.

To celebrate the World Cup in Brazil and Unitronics launching the Samba we would like to offer you a World Cup Mini football with all Samba orders.

SM35-J-R20 OR SM35-J-T20 + a programming cable + Mini World Cup Football = £171.00
SM35-J-R20 OR SM35-J-T20
+ a programming cable
+ Mini World Cup Football
= £171.00

Not only do you get a great value text display replacement with the Unitronics Samba 3.5″ full colour combined PLC but for a limited time we will include a mini football.
Samba is ideal for those simple automation and control applications where you need a touch screen and some interlocking PLC logic. i.e. pump control, load sharing and sequencing.

Special World Cup Price

Terms and conditions apply.

Still using a text display?

SM35-J-R20 OR SM35-J-T20
+ a programming cable
+ Mini World Cup Football
= £171.00

With a choice of 2 models with 8 relay or 8 transistor outputs (PWM), 10 digital inputs plus 2 analogue or digital inputs its easy to pick a winning combination. Full of features including auto-tuned PID, real time clock, more information on the data sheet.
Sorry only one per customer offer valid while stocks last, terms and conditions apply.
Price excludes VAT & delivery.


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VisiLogic 9.5.0

VisiLogic 9.5.0

·         Chinese/Japanese/Korean HMI support (Enhanced Vision only)
These double-byte languages are supported by a new fixed text element: Text Image.

·         New Alarm Screens for V1040/V1210 (Enhanced Vision)
These are attractively designed and make good use of the Big Vision screens.

New Alarm Pages
Great NEW features

·         New Alarm option: List Alarm Configuration (Enhanced Vision only)
Previous to the version, Alarms were always displayed according to their ID numbers.  You can now choose to display Alarms in the order in which they activate.

·         Import/Export HMI Displays–now with Jump Conditions
A .vld file now includes Jump conditions.

·         Graphic Images
PNG and CMYK format are now supported.

·         String Library
A new Get Next button on the library toolbar enables you to jump to the next unoccupied line.

·         Trend HMI Element: Curve Name (V1040/V1210 )
This now supports up to 22 characters for display on the HMI screen.

·         HMI Properties Window
Use the Tab to move between properties.

·         Download Modes Warning (Enhanced Vision only)
Users are now warned that the PLC battery must be in place and functional in order to carry out Download.

·         Signature Log
Now contains a new column: Download Type.

·         Operand Values: Connection> Import/Export Operand Values to File
Enables you to take a ‘snapshot’ of operand values.

·         Ladder Function: Fill Vector
Now supports all bit operand types.

·         MODBUS IP: Slave Address via Operand
To indirectly provide a Slave ID number, click the Slave ID cell and link an operand.

·         CANopen: Change COB ID
You can now indirectly provide the ID via operand.

·         New CRC type
Fletcher has been added to the algorithm list.

·         New System Operands
These include:
o   SB 112:  On-Board USB port detected
o   SB 111: (V560 only) Disable Virtual Keypad
o   SB 178: ( V130/V350 only) Profibus Card Detected
o   SI 246: (V1210/V1040 only) Improve Display of Complex HMI elements. 1- 30
o   SDW 49 Signature Log Checksum

Download it now, full working copy is FREE http://www.i4automation.co.uk/visilogic.aspx

Join us for a Webinar on November 28

It’s free! Sit at your desk and learn.

Title:    HMI Displays (tips and tricks) Unitronics, Visilogic.
Date:    Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Time:    17:00 PM – 18:15 PM GMT
After registering you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the Webinar.
System Requirements
PC-based attendees
Required: Windows® 7, Vista, XP or 2003 Server

Mac®-based attendees
Required: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

Mobile attendees
Required: iPhone®, iPad®, Android™ phone or Android tablet

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Energy Plant Solutions Reduces Boiler Control Cost & Development Time with the Vision1040™

Energy Plant Solutions of Palmerston North, New Zealand needed a cost effective automation solution for their range of package boilers. The Vision1040™ met all their needs and stayed within their budget. “Working with the Unitronics combined PLC and HMI make other systems feel old fashioned and obsolete.” – Justin Butler, Senior Electrical Engineer at Energy Plant Solutions.WHY THE VISION1040™? The V1040 provided the right balance of screen size and number of physical buttons as well as communication ports.

WHY THE VISION1040™? The V1040 provided the right balance of screen size and number of physical buttons as well as communication ports. Because they were using the EX-A2X along with (2) IO-DI16, (2) IO-RO16, (2) IO-AI8 and (2) IO-AO6X’s, (Giving a total of 32 digital inputs, 32 relay outputs, 16 analogue inputs with 14 bit resolution and 12 analogue outputs with 12 bit resolution all neatly DIN rail mounted) the large screen allowed ample room to display the required information while keeping the fonts and elements large enough for easy reading. The physical buttons allowed them to have most buttons always available without using up any of the screen. This also helped with keeping the screen clean.

“There were significant cost savings using the Unitronics PLC,” said Justin Butler, Senior Electrical Engineer at Energy Plant Solutions. “This is for both the development software licensing (it doesn’t get much cheaper than free) and also in the time required to develop the PLC/HMI software. Making changes is so much quicker when you can add the necessary logic to the PLC program and then immediately add the new elements to the HMI without having to export or import tag data, etc.

Also if we need to move some operands we can do it in a single step and the changes are made to the PLC and HMI code immediately.” Butler goes on to say, “With Remote Operator, we can see exactly what the operator sees from our office at the other end of the country via a VPN at absolutely no cost either financially or in development time. This is a huge advantage if the client requires assistance to solve a problem. Because the PLC and I/O modules are all 24VDC, we were able to use a 24VDC uninterruptible power supply (“UPS”) to maintain power to the PLC and I/O on power failure. Because the “UPS” does not need to step the power up to 230VAC before being stepped back down again, we achieve maximum up time afforded by the batteries. It is also safer because there is no 230VAC present when the main power supply is disconnected.”

The SMS system sends the operator an actual description of the fault, rather than just a generic “boiler fault” message. This allows the operator to make a decision on how quickly he needs to attend to the fault. The fault messages on the HMI and SMS are the same and come from the string library- therefore, they do not need to be coded twice.

“Unitronics PLCs allow us to run the PLC without any I/O attached. This is great for testing before the system is deployed on site,” says Butler. “This works like a simulation where we can enter any values we like for conditions and test that the PLC acts as intended. We can also check that all the graphics work and look good on the actual screen that will be used. This means we can do 90% of the testing before we even go to the site.”

“Working with the Unitronics combined PLC and HMI make other systems feel old fashioned and obsolete,” says Butler. “The support from Unitronics, from our local supplier, to email support, to help ideas on the forum, has been absolutely fantastic.”

For more information http://www.unitronics.com/Content.aspx?page=ApplicationStory “Boilers” section: “Energy Plant Solutions-Package Boilers”

Vision570™ & Vision350™ Cut Costs and Provide Flexibility

A & B Packaging retrofitted their packaging & cleaning equipment from pre-programmed PLC boards to the Vision570™ & Vision350™
Unitronics allows more flexibility to react to their customer’s overall needs- versus giving them a canned package.
Their biggest advantage with the Unitronics PLC is the lower overall cost.

You Tube link  New box filler using Unitronics V570

A&B Packaging of Lawrence, MI, USA
specializes in fresh packing and
cleaning equipment for fruits and
vegetables worldwide.
THEIR PROBLEM? They had been
using custom, pre-programmed PLC
boards to control their packaging
and cleaning equipment that had
quickly become out of date. They
were facing upgrading and reprogramming
costs of over $85,000
on top of additional costs per-board.
Ultimately, they were unable to
change the program on their own,
which forced them to add an outside
THE SOLUTION? Unitronics’ V570
and V350 PLCs with onboard HMIs
were brought in to give A&B
Packaging more flexibility to react
to their customer’s unique needs;
versus giving them a canned
package. “Our biggest advantage
with the Unitronics PLC is the lower
overall cost.” Said Allen Roggow,
Field Tech Supervisor for A&B
Packaging. “These units also gave
us the ability to customize software
and gave us the benefit of having
one database to put together the
HMI screens.”
Most of the units A&B Packaging is
using are the V570’s due to the size
of the screens (5.7”) and the
restrictions on their panel size. They
are utilizing the V350 models for
their smaller machinery.
“As with any new software, there is
a learning curve that has to be dealt
with. Once it became clear how to
use the software, it became easier
and easier to use.” Says Roggow.
“The training seminars that
Unitronics put on were also a great
help, as was our local distributor,
J.P. Motors & Drives.”
To learn more about Unitronics V350 & V570 models.


NEW! Class 1 Division 2 Ratings

        NEW! Class 1 Division 2 Ratings

Now, even more Unitronics units are suited for hazardous locations:

UL Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D

The newly rated products include:

The newly rated products.

To see a full list of all our Class 1 Division 2 rated products click HERE!

Vision1210™ Improves Pigging System Cleanliness & Efficiency

Hygienic Pigging Systems (HPS) of Nottingham, UK is a world leader in the development, production, installation and commissioning of pipeline pigging systems for liquid process companies. HPS’ need for a controller stemmed from their need to custom design and manufacture client specific Pigging solutions for more complex multi-source / multi-destination applications. “We had a demo system that we wanted to use to show customers how a pigging system works and what equipment is involved,” Said Ashley Parr, of HPS. “This needed to have an operator interface and a PLC to control the equipment, as well as enough I/O to accommodate and mimic the equipment.” This demo system is located on their demo rig, which is used for exhibitions and in their demonstration room. It will become their standard for all of their more complicated installations.

V1210-T20BJ in action
Hygienic Pigging Systems develops, produces, installs and commissions pipeline pigging systems for liquid process companies world wide.

During production, a pipe work system’s internal liquid is often changed at the end batch or for a change in production demands. Normally, this would mean flushing the pipe work out with the cleaner while it is still full of production liquid until all traces of the liquid are removed. HPS supplies pigs that have a high tolerance fit to the pipe work. These are then moved through the pipe automatically (using a series of valves) to separate one liquid from another. This process makes cleaning (CIP) more efficient, reduces waste and minimizes down time on product change over. The Vision1210 controls the valves in this application and hence the “pig”. This allows an automated efficient change over from one product to another.
“We decided to use the V1210 because we wanted a nice big display to show off the graphics.” Parr says, “Instead of having to buy a PLC & HMI separately, this option enabled us to have both in one unit, which directly translated into cost reduction for the equipment and a more space efficient solution.” Ashley goes on to say, “The huge advantage of this PLC was that with everything built-in, the communications and use of tags in the HMI was so simple and intuitive. We used the snap-in I/O for the back of the unit as this offered an ideal compact solution. The support from the Unitronics team and local distributors i4 Automation was excellent. Within the first few days of playing around with the software I had a lot of questions about what I could and could not do. The response was quick and solved my issues every time.”

Smart Automation, Great Support & Training, Free Programming Software

PULS UPS24 Volt DC UPS Uninterrupted Power Supplies
*Requires only one 12V battery for a 24V output (High current battery included)
*Superior battery management for longest battery life
*15A Output current in normal mode 50% power reserves in buffer mode
*Full output power up to +40°C
PULS power supplies “Quality Guaranteed”

Camera technology has come of age doing more, faster and with easily to configure software.
SensoPart’s code reader with integrated object detection has already convinced countless users of its speed, flexibility and ease of deployment in many situations. The new V20 now also includes an OCR detector for Optical Character Recognition. By combining three functions: object detection, code reading and OCR in one compact device, SensoPart from Germany offers a code reader with a performance scope that is unique amongst vision sensors.


Thinking of saving money by using a Combined PLC & HMI?
*Loan units available for evaluation, Try before you buy!
*Special introduction discount on first order.
*All new customers get free training on one of our courses.
*Free programming software (including remote access, webserver, OPC and .NET drivers).
*Free UK support, the best in the country.Unitronics Product Range 2012
Looks too good to be true? Yes T & C Apply, if you want to find out more please give us a call.



Mitsubishi USB Programming cables, (Not as shown) tried and tested in stock. Order on line.